Airdrop Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions as amended from time to time (the “Airdrop Terms and Conditions”) are entered into between WEARVR (the “Company”) and subscribers (the “Subscribers”) in the Company’s Weave token Sale (the “Token Sale”). For the purpose of the Company’s Airdrop program described in this document (the “Company’s Airdrop Program”) and the Airdrop Terms and Conditions, the Subscribers are referred to as participants (the “Participants” and separately the “Participant”). The Participants agree, for the purposes of participating in the Company’s Airdrop Program, to be bound by the following terms and conditions upon subscribing:

From time to time, the Company may distribute Weave tokens in the form of “Airdrops”. An airdrop is when free tokens are deposited into a Stellar wallet address, that has been provided by the participant (or created for the participant by the Company) via email. It is the Participant’s responsibility to check the accuracy of this address and to adequately secure the details of their wallet. The Company will not be held liable for any loss or misuse of Stellar wallets or tokens, or incorrect entry of wallet address.

Participants shall receive Weave Tokens if they perform one or more relevant actions through one of the airdrop campaigns and provide the information requested to validate these actions using the web form provided by the Company. The participant shall only receive the tokens after a relevant action is deemed valid by the Company and if there are remaining tokens available from those allocated to the campaign. The relevant actions for each of the Company’s campaigns shall be those described in the applicable campaign page.

The participant should have followed all instructions issued by the Company in relation to the Weave Airdrop campaign and must satisfy all requirements applicable to the campaign.

Each campaign will be allocated a certain amount of Weave tokens, which shall be distributed to participants up to 45 days after the token is generated. Once those tokens allocated to the campaign have been distributed, no further tokens will allocated to participants (even if they have performed the relevant actions and they have deemed valid by the Company).

All communications with the Company should be sent (a) via email; or (b) through the Company’s official Telegram group -; or (c) through the Company Telegram group’s official admins.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue the Company’s Airdrop Program and/or change these terms at any time and without prior notification. The terms of this Airdrop Program and any communication related to this do not provide or imply any obligations, of any kind, from the Company. The Company may prevent a participant from participating in any of the Company’s campaigns, for any reason, without providing an explanation.

If a Participant is removed from any of the Company’s campaigns for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your tokens rights. Participants shall not (a) use multi-accounts, (b) cheat, (c) carry out any kind of spamming or (d) behave in a manner which the Company deems offensive or inappropriate. Such behavior will result in all of the Participant’s accounts being permanently banned from all of the Company’s campaigns.

The Participant agrees to receive email from the Company regarding their tokens, or the Weave token in general, and any similar campaigns in the future. Any data collected by the Company will be dealt with, as described in the Privacy Policy.